Our service offering

Thuthuzela Technologies offers a full range of ICT services, from procurement to project management. Partner with us and all your technology needs will be taken care of, freeing you to focus on growing your business or assisting more people.

With Thuthuzela, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your technology solutions have been designed to meet your needs, professionally implemented, and are being managed with maximum attention to detail.



Thuthuzela Technologies specialises in procuring technology solutions that comply with budgetary constraints whilst still expanding your capabilities:

Latest hardware
and software

Relevant and
relatable systems

Compatibility and

We pass on savings achieved through consolidated orders and economies of scale to our customers, and our supply chain expertise makes us your ideal procurement partner for timeous delivery and installation.

hardware solutions

Portable and desktop devices for users, with general purpose and specialist software preloaded as specified.

software solutions

Extract maximum value from your hardware with software solutions from Thuthuzela, designed to help your people work faster, smarter and more imaginatively.

Consulting and Implementation Services

Thuthuzela is your trusted technology provider for services solutions including data security and networking to bring people together.

Infrastructure Solutions

Let us engineer the switches and connections that enable you to reach out, communicate and help more people.

Managed Services

Focus on your customers and stakeholders and let Thuthuzela manage your networks, infrastructure, helpdesk and other ICT functions as required and specified.

Cloud Solutions

Take advantage of the security, storage and remote accessibility offered by Thuthuzela cloud-based solutions.

Security Solutions

Protect your critical data and systems from unauthorised access and reassure your customers and the public that you are safeguarding their privacy.

Secure Cloud Backup

Automatic storage and instant retrieval of all your business and operational data, from either on-site or remote servers.

Project Management

We have years of project management experience, and our consulting service can provide the insights and advice you need to meet budgets and timeframes.

Hosting Solutions

Always-up websites and email servers provide storage and retrieval of digital information and communication records for a more efficient collective memory.

Connectivity Solutions

Provide a better service to communities and customers alike through improved connectivity. Uncontended data for maximum speed and reach.

Voice Solutions

VoIP and PABX systems for secure, cost-efficient and crystal-clear voice communications both within and beyond your organisation’s facilities.

Structured Cabling Project

Data can only travel as fast as your cabling allows. We can reroute and replace your existing cables for less clutter and more speed from a neat, simple installation.